Greetings! I am a retired Art teacher who always felt that photography as an artform was like playing tennis with the net down. I used it for classroom visual aids and references, visual references for my own drawings and paintings, and to catalog collections for study in art history in a museum or gallery. But my husband, Harry, www.hepherson.com has gotten me interested in taking pictures. He is my guru! I've learned how much patience it takes to get a good picture: getting the right angle and light, enduring less than optimal weather conditions, and pests. Hopefully, I have not retired from painting and drawing, but will use my pictures for making art sometime in the future.

I hope that you like them. They are images that "spoke" to me, somewhere in my spirit, that seemed to ask to be photographed. Harry and I visit a variety of places to find these images. I have started using iPhoto to crop, straighten, and sometimes brighten photos when the need arises. I want for my pictures to be as true as possible. Thank-you for stopping by! -Tay